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Below is a breakdown of the materials we commonly process. Additional metals may be considered by quote. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about specific materials.

  • Exposed Precious Metals

    Any precious metal that is plated onto a component that would allow us to chemically strip it.
  • Semi Conductors

    Devices used as semiconductors with precious metals on outside or inside of component.
  • Printed Circuit Substrates

    All types of printed circuit boards with precious metals plated onto the contact areas.
  • Plating Solutions
    Gold plating solutions.
  • Strip Solutions
    Gold cyanide strip solutions.
  • Resins
    Resins used to pull precious metals from solutions.
  • Sputtering Residue
    Precious metal residue from sputtering precious metals onto parts. This would include peelings, flake and vacuum collections.
  • Targets

    All precious metal targets used for deposition.

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  • Wipes
    Any paper products that come in contact with precious metals.
  • Foil
    This would include foil used for overspray of precious metals in deposition. Also any precious metal foil from the peelings inside chambers.
  • Leaf
    Gold leaf used in the printing industry.
  • Jewelry

    Any cleanup from the manufacture of jewelry
  • Dental Sweepings
    Any cleanup from the manufacture of dental products.
  • Fillings
    Any precious metal fillings accumulated through dental work.
  • Polishings
    All polishings related to the manufacture of jewelry and dental products where precious metals are used.
  • Wire
    This would be wire used in the racking of parts for precious metal plating. Gold bonding wire and gold wire trimmings from jewelry would also apply.
  • Jars
    Many containers have residual precious metals in them and could be burned for reclamation of those metals.
  • Filters
    Paper filters that come in contact with precious metals should be accumulated for burning to extract the metal content.

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  • Karat Jewelry
    Any karat or sterling scrap can be melted and assayed for credit.
  • Gold Filled
    Though lower in value than Karat material, filled material in quantity can be melted and sampled for credit.
  • Plated

    Gold plated material can be chemically stripped and assayed for payment.
  • Cast Alloys
    Mixed precious metals can be melted, assayed and paid for credit.
  • Coins
    We can purchase coins based upon their gold content only.
  • Dental Fixtures
    Any materials used in the manufacture of dental products that would contain precious metals.

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  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Aluminum
  • Tin
  • Solder
  • Additional Metals By Quote

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